… solitude …

Weather-defying, I had my first Pimms with ice cubes this year, imagining warmth, sun, swinging in my hammock under apple blossoms, listening to birds, walking barefoot and having friends round to watch the sun go down and the moon come up. The Brits are fed up with the rain. More than darkening the sun, clouds also obstruct the brighter aspects of the mind. Signals from the noosphere get muffled, or so it seems. There remains solitude, a tranquil space where questions arise, and thoughts have space to dream and play without being overstimulated. Allow your children periods of solitude and they will come to value it later in life.

I mulled over a question these last days, not for the first time. And an answer came, an angel whispered it into my ear while I slept – if all incarnated beings living on this planet were enlightened at the same time, the whole developmental cycle of the psyche would collapse, and consciousness would expand into a new matrix all over again. I’m making no claim to truth, angels can’t always be trusted. But the message seems to be – all is well-tuned as it is.

This is what solitude does to me – I get answers that beg more questions, like, what about multiverses? My body lives in this house in England that is at times difficult to maintain, but my mind also has another house, an interior house, free from mundane pressures, a house that exists in a dimension invisible to the physical eye … built from bricks of meaning rather than clay.

Here to the Noosphere, an interesting concept:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noosphere


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7 responses to “… solitude …

  1. justintime1980

    All’s well-tuned that ends well-tuned. :o)


  2. justintime1980



  3. A beautiful thought provoking post and a dream to hope for – thanks.for that. The rain is torrential here again today but it makes being inside very cosy. Hope you enjoyed the Pimms, what a good idea, maybe I’ll make something summery myself. – Cheers – Diane


  4. A summery cheer to you too, Diane, and an updraft of inspiration for new characters.


  5. Alethea Eason

    Yours was the second post I read from England that talked about the rain that you have been having. Here in California we’re edging into summer . . . we have pitiful springs, a few perfect days, just a handful, and then we go from rain and cold into hot weather without a cloud in sight for months and months (at least in my neck of the woods).

    Poor Teilaird . . . disciplined by his church for tauting ideas that we will all someday enter into the “mind of Christ”, which I have always thought was the point of our lives, evolving into eternity and love. Beneath the bickering and the polarization that the media displays, I am hopeful that individuals are creating that cosmic intelligence by sharing our dreams, hopes, creativity via blogs and the like. The well spring I encounter everytime I come to explore what people are doing keeps me humble about my own work and inspired that so much time is devoted to creation. The Noosphere is an idea that I just grasps, and then it floats away . . . and within myself I see the mountains of work I need to quiet ego, and how my ego raises up in defiance . . . but I do want to believe that we are evolving as a species and that the saber rattling and blaming, the right and the left, the blues and the red (in England and the US the blues and reds are opposites, here the blues are the liberals), are the death knell of the old egocentric ways. At least in my more optimistic idealistic moments I believe this.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Alathea. England, Britain, is not called the green isle in vain. 🙂 Gosh, I can hardly imagine a blue sky for months on end. When I compare one spring to the next, my expectations are frustrated. The coldness and rain are continuing into May here, and the super moon is not visible because of grey skies. On the good side, I’m engrossed in my sequel, happily writing on Shapers.
      Let’s be tolerant with the poor ego. It gets too much bashing by the spiritual elite these days 🙂


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