… Haiku – recalling Japan’s tsunami …

Next Sunday, March 11, one year will have passed since Japan’s people experienced a wave of change through a devastating tsunami. Reflective times, especially for the many families who lost dear ones, friends, homes, livelihoods, and all those who were touched in one way or another by the traumatic events of the day, and all of us around the world who hold the images indelibly etched in our heart’s memory. May the healing presence of the divine illuminate our future …


hawthorn flowers white

among a debris of homes

families vanished

*    *    *    *

a field of rubble

faded snapshot of a child

splashing in a wave



*    *    *

sunlight in a puddle

a bird dowses its feathers

no other sound

*    *    *

emerald seedlings

loosen the concrete highway

soft patter of feet

*   *   *



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4 responses to “… Haiku – recalling Japan’s tsunami …

  1. hard to believe its a year already. Lovely words


    • Thanks Diana, it was a heartbreaking spring last year. Zan produced a book of poems, images and stories among a few authonomites to which I contributed, ‘Rainbow Lights Ablaze.’ All proceed were going to a charity in Japan. The book had to be pulled off selling sites since permission from one contributor was outstanding. The person disappeared without trace. The drawbacks of virtual productions. Zan is a lawyer and knows the ropes re: contracts. Good effort though, a great spirit was in the wings.


  2. Angie

    One year
    Moving on? Or moving in?
    The divine working still – a mystery.


  3. Just so dreadfully dreadfully sad.

    Hard to imagine the scale of it, hard to believe a year has passed…

    Evocative, poignant, eloquent…a lovely lament! 🙂


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