… I miss my cat …

Yes I do …











When I sat down quietly to meditate she joined me, unfailingly,

from wherever she was hunting. I always thought that was amazing.





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12 responses to “… I miss my cat …

  1. Silentnovelist

    Aw, I understand, Pia, I really do. I believe cats have some sort of soul connection with us. Maybe not yet, but one day when you’re ready, another beloved cat will be there to join you in your quiet times. And me.


  2. all I can say is that I do truly understand. I think that she is still there with you just behind a veil of light and when the time is right she may well come back in another guise. Sending you a hug. o


  3. Know how you feel :’-(
    I too have had to part with a beautiful friend and the loss was enormous. In time, of course, the pain eases however, I am left with some very beautiful memories of a Persian Pussy who gave me such delight and joy. Those memories are very sweet… Sending Love. Soon, I’m sure your heart will be open to receive another…. Perhaps a Puppy…!


  4. What a sweetie she looks. What happened to her?


    • Kate – Jetty died peacefully at home, on my birthday two summers ago. I haven’t been abroad since, so now that I’ll be away for a few days there are no meticulous preparations for her care, which is why my little friend is on my mind. She was 16 and refused food. Various tests revealed nothing. She just decided it was time to move on.


  5. She is beautiful, Ashen. And she is probably still meditating with you. 🙂
    My dog also loves meditation – he curls up in my lap as I sit and doesn’t move a muscle. But he prefers silent meditation – if I try chanting, he licks my hands as if begging me to stop. 🙂 He probably has a good point.


  6. I think your cat was attracted to meditation because that was you at your most catlike — content, living in the now, in synch with the universe. I myself had never liked cats till an abused stray was foisted upon me one day.. I agreed to look after him till a good home could be found for him. Sixteen years later, when he passed, it was like the world had ended for me. They find some cramped, dusty corner in our hearts and hide there forever.


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