doing the irregular

A week of challenges, adventures, doing the irregular – attempts to stall sending out queries for my novel, or necessary diversions from too much screen-gazing? I hadn’t taken my car into the UK metropolis for years. Mission accomplished. I visited my son, his partner, and friends across London, enticed out of my comfort zone – days of inspiration.

Saturday – last-minute-decision to honour a birthday-party-invitation. I accept a friend’s lift through the rolling green hills of Surrey and Sussex– to Brighton.

*    *    *    *   random thoughts – collective words – joie de vivre   *    *    *   *

I remember her dancing Kathak on the terrace, bells on her ankles, like that …

Moving from one eternal hug to another, age is not

We’ll work and create ‘till we drop

And the birthday girl, bouncy, colourful, happy

Senegal drums in her heels – age is never, rhythm is ever

A whirling mover, therapist, shaker …

Her achievements are implicit – she is too busy to dwell on them

Glamorous daughter – back from choreographing the USA

Over there – a strange glance – is it dark – is it not?
Kiss of peace – be there such a thing – it takes two

Escape from loud acoustics to the pub garden

We challenge each other to random words

… lipstick light shines over rails …

… birds nest – friends talk – missing syllables …

… under blossoms – look behind – plastic – not classic …

… far too much – smoking seat – pink trailers – smoking …

… pink planks going in the mind …

… I think a Haiku comes later …

The birthday girl’s neighbour does Shiatsu and astrology

And her friend plans or dreams to write a book

Beware of the monstrous light – out of place

Salvaged from a railway hall – it hangs on a tiny hook

Best not stand under it …

Chequered shirts are the craze in town

We glimpse the pier and past grandeur – the royal pavilion

Onwards home through the night and shiny lights …

*    *    *    *


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2 responses to “doing the irregular

  1. I really love this idea of writing down random thoughts as they come. I carry a notebook as I am sure we all do for just that. I don’t think that they necessarily have to become anything more than they are – they have value as memories. Nice – must make more of an effort with mine. Glad that you had a pleasant week.


  2. Paper napkins will do as well.


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