my theory of everything on a strange day

It’s Toes Speak – TOE – Theory of Everything.

Today I looked at my toes with admiration – and they talked to me …

I’m the great toe – I even have a name, Hallux. I’m strong, a little rigid, maybe, but strong and reliable. I rule the pack. I can move somewhat independently. I don’t like sudden surprises, like being hit by a doorframe or a curb. My influence reaches right up to the crown of this body. Warmth flows up and back down in circles.

I’m the travel-toe – the longest of five. I have ideals. Did you know, the Statue of Liberty has its second toe longer than the third? Some say it’s a deformity, others say it’s the Greek ideal of beauty. My neighbour, the great toe, stands by me. I’m the standard-bearer of the future, the one who dreams beyond horizons. I have knowledge but don’t know what it is I know. I focus ahead and don’t look back.

I haven’t got a name, other than the third toe along the line. I’m a master of diplomacy, and balance. I fit in, adjust, and harmonise the whole foot. I’m most ticklish.

I’m the fourth toe, graceful, and sensitive. I suffer from chilblains when it’s cold. I enjoy harmony the most.

I’m the little toe. I hold the foot together and give beauty to it, which means I have little in the way of freedom. I’m too loyal to beauty.

We all have doubles, twins, which is kind of reassuring.

As I said, it’s been a strange day, and now my heel is jealous, must send it some love.


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2 responses to “my theory of everything on a strange day

  1. Watch out for your knees they can get really snippy when they feel ingnored – Very amusing post


  2. Not unrelated to my last post, ‘the image that keeps returning’ – a pointer to do some earthing and attend to tasks at hand. Been surfing the internet re: new scientific ideas. Result – information overload. Toes refreshed my perception. The body gives good counsel. I’ll spare a thought for my knees, too … Have a lovely weekend, D.


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