I’m patiently waiting for my professional review re: ‘Course of Mirrors’ since the story has made the editor’s desk on the Harper Collins authonomy site in February. Reviewers are known to take their time. To ease my nerves, I tell myself the story is so offbeat they won’t know what to make of it … ha, ha.

In the meantime I edited my body, my garden, my kitchen, my wardrobe and next will be all redundant papers  –  over six-year-old accounts, client papers, minutes, proofs, sacks and sacks of paper will go to a confidential shredding agency. I call it purification, weeding, clearing, recycling and space-making.

And having gained all this fantastic space – new inspiration will sneak into my writing …


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2 responses to “Spacemaking

  1. Well of course good luck with the review. I do envy you having done all that spring clearing out. You have inspired me to go and do some sorting in my wardrobe. I am at one of those places where no matter how I try the muse is hiding behind a curtain. I try to be calm and patient at times like this but I’m always reminded of Andrew Motion who, when he was Poet Laureat lost it for several years. That would make me very sad. I hope your writing muscles flex very soon.


    • Thanks, Diane. I’m glad I inspired your to do some clearing 🙂 Off to buy some potting plants now, and maybe a new hammock, which is a place where the muse usually visits, sometimes in the form of a little robin.
      I think I managed to add your site as link here now. Over Easter I’ll get help to put some order into the blogroll.


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