… necessity – mother of invention …

I’m an inventor, ha, ha!

Too lazy to string a cable to my maisonette sleeping space under the skylight, I’ve been searching forever to find a good LED light to read by. I ordered one through the internet, which was PATHETIC.

Yesterday I bought two LED push lights for £ 1. 99 at a local hardware shop.

One of them is now resting in a structure made of a coat hanger, with the wire bend to just the right angle.

A light for half-a-penny under £1 – this must be a record. It also looks pretty elegant.

What do you think?

Other news – someone did a brilliant radio interview of me today and forgot to press the record button. As part of the interview I remember saying something like – things that go wrong send us on a detour, there may be something we need to pick up along the way.


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4 responses to “… necessity – mother of invention …

  1. Love that light, we have similar ones in the back of out truck for reading in bed. They are great.
    “things that go wrong send us on a detour, there may be something we need to pick up along the way.” Very deep !


  2. Ashen (Pia)

    Yes, I can finally have my bedtime read without screwing my eyes up.
    The interview was interesting. Wonder what the next one will be like. Timing is a curious trickster.


  3. yeshen

    beautiful! you can make tea light holders like that for the garden using old glass jas and coat hangers to hang from trees.. or even create a chandelier.


    • Ashen (Pia)

      Great idea. For tea lights a thinner wire might do. The wire of coat hangers is quite strong. You’d need good pliers and, ideally, a workbench with a vice. Meaning not a mild fault of character, but the thing that keeps things immobile 🙂


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