… monologue of the self …


acknowledge the creature in you and befriend it

breathe –  so your heart will not contract

in vain duty towards the known

and drain this dream of colour

your cells pulse with desire

that all angels long for

live with intensity

inquire deeply

allow the space

be involved

know you are

step back








now become

through acceptance

forget what was learned

polish the mirror of the heart

look afresh with each new breath

all is done by the rhythm of our silence

expand love by not clinging to expectations

find dynamic peace through expressing beauty

intelligence by remaining open to the unexpected

subtle wisdom through enduring the grit of contradiction

intuition through carrying the heart in the heel of the foot

and freedom through humour and deeds of for-giving the self

*    *    *    *

I meant to write a monologue of the spiritual ego but realise I’ve residues of misgivings for some of its manifestations. On the whole, I think all struggling egos between two rocks need a little TLC. Most try hard.

But how does a serious psychopath reflect upon our humanity? I’m deeply distressed today, hearing of the atrocious acts of the megalomaniac in Libya.


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2 responses to “… monologue of the self …

  1. (maybe the 6th line needs a plural) I too am horrified by the news of mass slaughter and afraid of what else may be discovered. I have a short on http://www.Shortbreadstories.com – “Shattered Lives”. It was written with the knowledge that these things happen.

    Your work is as always beautiful writing.


  2. Well spotted, thanks. Fixed to angels.
    I’ll read your story today. Been enjoying the other instalments.


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