form & spirit – monologues around the ego



I am creature

the ever new-born

seeking symmetry

I surge through the trillion

cells to embody my universe

tenuously poised

and charmed in the chasm

between life and death

I require instant gratification

hold me gently

tame me with love

treat me with respect

and earn my trust and loyalty

so spirit can unfold

my radiant self

misuse me at your peril

do not rough me into squares

or angry ghosts will claim

and distort my power

to settle their old scores

I know things you forgot

bring light to make amends

do not cage my knowing

lest the unforgiving seeps

into another generation

help me build a strong foundation

for a house with open doors

where spirit can play and create

its magic theatre



I try to tame the creature

though my patience snaps

when they beat me I hit back

my house is cold and its walls

are fragile – I move on –

squat in other minds

humour them

pretend compliance

for they fear the wild

a hassle

this fight and flight

they might love us yet

if we make them laugh …


for your own good … listen

and observe the bloody rules

moaning and yelling

get you nowhere

we have a short fuse

and when provoked

will smack your mouth

understand you fool

do as you’re told

shut up – life is tough



It’s not fair, I want to be

the kid next door who has

friends galore, a swing, a bike,

a cat, a dog and much more

she can tear her jeans

without a scene and stay

out in the garden after dark

when she messes up

her father laughs and

her mother bakes a cake

I get sour looks for my exams results

B’s throughout aren’t good enough

and my A in arts means I’ll be a waster

I must hatch a plan



look what we’ve done for you

the best of education

we didn’t have the chance

in our time – life was hard

show some appreciation

stop dreaming, drop your fancy

notion of doing art for a living

don’t count on us to bail you out

let me repeat, you buckle down, or … sigh



we’re no fakes, relax

I’m the apple of his eye

dad adores everything about me

and lauds everything I do

the world’s your oyster girl,

he says, you’re a winner

far better than the rest

mother doesn’t like me

she’s jealous of my looks

but who cares …



life is what you make of it

prove it to the world

be sharp kid

don’t let the critics poison

your success, don’t let them

get at you – losers –all of them

evict them from your head …



I’m on your side, no fear

hypocrites, the lot of them

let’s act how they see us


I curve my spine with precision

drop my arms in submission

I fool them all

fool them to perfection

that they can’t control me

is my sweet satisfaction …



we keep society intact

decide on law and order

control the wild

discipline the child

chase savages to the hilt

and for the rest – hardly anyone

would guess – reason’s triumph

is our pact with shame and guilt


SELF – the creature’s mirror – another time …


The image is from a play – The Sunflower Plot – by Cartoon de Salvo

Delightful folk


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2 responses to “form & spirit – monologues around the ego

  1. Wonderful writing “help me build a strong foundation,
    for a house with open doors” a lovely line and a beautiful thought. Loved the photograph.


  2. Thanks Diane. I grew up in a village with open doors. The practice of insurances is putting an end to open doors.
    In contrast, metaphorically speaking, most mainstream spiritual leaders advise their followers to give up houses (egos) all together. Could be a remnant of the spiritual super ego – my irreverent mind, questioning everything 🙂


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